print and publications

I have extensive experience in designing various print jobs such as book and CD covers, advertising material, certificates and business stationary. I work closely with reputable CD manufactures and printers, which are all cost effective and produce high quality products. I can guarantee any job from start to finish and to your satisfaction.

Designing adverts for newspapers and/or magazines involves working with the editorial and design departments of any given publisher in order to co-ordinate the technical requirements such as size, resolution, bleed and the submission date. I have worked with various media organisations in the UK and USA and I am not a novice when it comes to producing the right advert. In some cases I source the images and come up with the idea for the design in others the client provides me with all the material and I produce clear, sophisticated advert correctly targeted at the right market.

Below are some samples of my work:


1/4 page size advert in Bath Magazine

1/4 page size advert in Bath Magazine

A full page size advert Bath Magazine

Book and CD covers

Share certificate

Business card