I offer typesetting service, this includes design and prepare for print in any international format.

I regularly work on all styles of publications, such as hard and paperback books, business brochures, sheet music and many more.

All publications must be supplied to me edited and proofread in .doc format and image files in high resolutions (300 dpi). All bold, italic, subscript and superscript in place. The client needs to submit the notes regarding publication lay out, i.e. each chapter to start on new page, position of pagination, size of the publication, i.e. width and height, not the spine. I set the spine size once I know the paper weight and type.

Most clients prefer me to handle the entire publication project. I will contact the printers, find the best deal and discuss with the client possible paper and finish options. This way I work as a project manager for the client as well as typesetter. This means no middle man and I offer quality and dead line guarantee.