Website design

Below are some of the websites I have designed.

Dmitri Pavlov - Composer. The brief from the client was to create a simple, classy and informative site that is easy to navigate.

NBA Solutions Ltd incorporating Nigel Blagg Associates. A cluster of sites that are linked together in a conceptual way.

Somerset Thinking Skills - Part of the NBA Solutions cluster and needed to sustain the general visual concept of all NBA sites, whilst having a fun edge.

Katia Taylor - Commercial photographer. The client wanted a dynamic and elegant website, which is also easy to navigate. She wished to make the galleries easy to peruse as well as having an efficient system by which customers can purchase additional prints via the online albums facility (the access to online albums is via a request). [you need flash player to view this site] There is also a sister site for devises that do not support flash player such as i-phone, i-pad and i-pod.

DE Tough Ltd - A management company within the construction industry. The client instructed me to create a sleak modern site that clearly illustrates the nature of work and services the company provides.

Martin Roberts - Sculptor. Martin’s work is not without humour; consequently he wanted his site to reflect it. I animated his work for the loaders to achieve that fun edge. The overall visual concept was dictated by modern gallery settings, i.e. white background and clear labelling of his work. [you need flash player to view this site]

Ebony and Ivory Piano Tuition - Local piano and keyboard teacher. The client wanted me to create a simple site on a very low budget.

Bristol Steiner School - Visually the site reflects the school ethos. The mechanics of the site include external updatable text files, which makes it easy for school administrator to update information without the need for webmaster.

Lancer Scott - The client requested a responsive website wich is easy to use "on the go". The entire site and galleries were done to client's specifics, that includes justification of the text, wich I think was a mistake.