picture restoration

A framed old restored picture can make a fantastic present for any occasion. If you have an old photograph that is dear to you or someone you know but it is damaged or simply faded, in most cases it is possible to consederably improve the quality of it. Old pictures can have broken, cracked surface and often appear too badly damaged to do anything with them. Here is an example how can an old and damaged picture be restored.


And after

The image will be restored in the same resolution as the original photograph which means you can then have it printed (as many copies as you like) and keep the digital file on the disk for the future.

Some photographs can simply be faded (the light bleaches photographs so the colour becomes dull with time) but still they can be improved. Below is example of a picure taken in the 70s.

And the same picture after colour enhancement

For more information on picture restoration please contact me, I will be happy to answer any of your questions as well as rpovide additional samples of my previous restoration work. Prices vary depending on a picture and dicounts avalabe for multipal order.